Pick Up Artist Magic Tricks to Impress Girls

Secrets on how to Pick Up Girls with Magic Tricks 


When you Pick Up Girls with Magic Tricks, it makes that move a very powerful tactic when done correctly. But it can also be dangerous if you don't know how to do it. A lot of guys won't use magic tricks because they think they'll look stupid. They can't imagine walking up to a hot girl at a bar and saying "Wanna see a magic trick." Who can blame them.

Using magic tricks as an opener or a pick up line is a very risky strategy. First impressions are everything, and if you start out as a magician and that's all she knows about you...the rest of the interaction you'll be trying to convince her that there's more to you. Plus, you've fired the big guns way too early.

Magic can be really powerful when the girl least expects it, with little set up...and when you've already established rapport. Unless you have amazing skills and an even MORE amazing way to follow up. A true Pick-Up Magic Artist, or P.U.M.A., would wait 'til later in the interaction to open.

Ideally, the best time to introduce magic in your game is where you would normally tell a story to the girl to create some sort of connection (real or canned)? That's a great place to interject a magic effect spontaneously. But you don't want her to think you came out to the bar to do magic for her and impress all the girls, because you'll be doing the exact opposite if that's what she thinks.


1) The Proximity Open: This is where you are doing a casual but visual effect (like levitating an object or using flash paper) in a girls line-of-sight. Perhaps you're doing an effect for a friend and it's close enough to get noticed. It's important to be low key and casual here...she'll be much more likely to come over and open you.

Conversely...your wingman could pull her in and say, "Watch, you gotta see this!" **If he does this...make sure you become "The Reluctant Magician." Play it off, laugh and tell them that your friend is impressed very easily. I'll say, "Ok watch, my grandpa just taught me this..." They'll think you're about to pull a coin out from behind their ear. When you float a bill or make five $1 bills turn into five $100 bills in front of their eyes...you may even get a scream!

2) Occasionally I have taken the opportunity to open a group of girls with a magic trick when the girl I'm opening is NOT the target of my affection. She's the friend, the girlgoyle, the grenade, the obstacle etc. I like to find her when she's not directly "with" her friend, but standing near her or wait until the hot girl has left temporarily-then open the one you're not interested in.

The Theory here:

I'm entertaining her friends, not her. I don't care if I impress or attract her friend if the trick doesn't work out. When it DOES WORK, and then I befriend her friends, she will undoubtedly pull her hot friend over to meet me so I can do the trick for her. If this happens...I ALWAYS REFUSE! Do not be a "Dancing Monkey." I just got an intro to the hot target without using magic directly. Yet b/c I won't show her, now there's something "mysterious" about me AND I'm not complying with her demands like 99% of average frustrated chumps will. (I'll pull out a trick later in the night after I've been engaging my target for a while...but only when she doesn't expect it at all!)

Summary: Don't open girls with magic tricks unless they fall into these two categories...or at least don't open the girl you're "interested in" with tricks. Insert them into your set at certain unexpected times. If you absolutely must open...either do a Proximity Open, have your friend pull a girl in and be "The Reluctant Magician" or open the girl in the group that you won't lose sleep over if she doesn't give you her number.

Brad Jackson is the creator of PUMAskills.com

Pick Up Girls with Magic Tricks has always been the key element in his game with women for the past 7 years, he realized that most magic is taught for magicians who want to entertain. Magic for guys who want to "attract" has been an afterthought. That was until he fused Magic with Pick-Up Theory and became a Pick-Up Magic Artist.

You can learn the 3 tricks that opened his eyes to the power of magic to attract at http://www.pumaskills.com/blog